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7 Days to Die is a game set in an open world that blends elements of first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defence, and role-playing games. Dive into the original zombie survival sandbox RPG experience. Navezgane awaits!

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Buy 7 Days to Die Steam key for PC started as an early-access horror survival game that successfully hit its funding target and has since evolved into a polished, complete product. Players must navigate not only combat and enemies but also basic survival needs like food, water, and shelter.

About the Game

Set in a future post-nuclear apocalypse, 7 Days to Die places players in the Nevazgane Desert in the American Southwest. The name “Nevazgane,” meaning “killer of monsters” in Apache, hints at the deadly challenges ahead. Players spawn naked and alone, tasked with surviving in a world where zombies roam and resources are scarce. Buildings adhere to realistic physics and tools degrade over time, requiring constant upkeep and resource gathering.

Players must scavenge for plants, minerals, tools, clothing, and other resources in nature and abandoned cities to maintain their inventory and progress in the game.

Multiplayer Options

7 Days to Die offers both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Team up with friends or strangers to navigate the hostile environment and fend off zombie hordes together, or compete against other players while managing your resources and battling zombies.

In-Game Hazards

Survival in 7 Days to Die is fraught with dangers, including:

  • Starvation, Freezing, and Attrition: Players must constantly gather resources, find food, and renew weaponry to stay alive.
  • Predatory Creatures: While gathering resources, players must also fend off predators that see them as prey.
  • Zombies: The primary threat, zombies force players to plan excursions carefully, as they relentlessly pursue and grow stronger over time.
  • Seven-Day Hordes: Every seven days, an apocalyptic wave of zombies descends upon the player’s location, testing their defences and survival skills to the utmost.

Key Features

  • Realistic Physics and Degradation: Buildings can collapse if not properly constructed, and tools and weapons wear out over time.
  • Resource Management: Constantly search for resources to keep your inventory stocked and your character equipped.
  • Multiplayer Modes: Play cooperatively with friends or compete against other players while managing zombie threats.
  • Dynamic Challenges: From daily survival tasks to the massive seven-day zombie hordes, players face escalating challenges that test their strategic planning and resource management.

7 Days to Die combines survival horror with intricate resource management and multiplayer options, providing a gripping experience for those who dare to venture into its apocalyptic world.

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7 Days to Die Steam Key
7 Days to Die Steam Key

Original price was: Us$ 19.99.Current price is: Us$ 9.99.