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The ultimate Devil Hunter is back in style, in the game action fans have been waiting for.

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Devil May Cry 5 for PC is an action adventure hack and slash game, the fifth in the Devil May Cry series, and sixth game in the overall franchise. This game is set five years after the previous edition, and continues the protagonist, Dante’s battle to avenge his mother by defeating demons in lengthy battles that use classical tactical moves. The series is loosely based on Dante’s Inferno, as can be seen with the characters’ names and the plot of the game.

About the Game

Three warriors with demonic abilities, Dante, his companion Nero, and a new protagonist V, make their way through battalions of demons to stop the Demon King, Urizen, in his efforts to destroy the human world. Each of the three characters has a unique fighting style and must work to improve their skills and strength in order to best ever-more difficult opponents.

The main premise of the game is to move from battle scene to battle scene, even while continuing to move forward through a compelling narrative to keep the player’s interest focused on their mission. The cut scenes are excellent, raising genuine emotion, and keeping you invested in completing the quest and stopping Urizen.

What’s the Story?

Urizen, the Demon King, is using an evil tree, known as Qliphoth, to send its roots throughout the world, to drain cities of their lifeforce. V, Nero and Dante must work together to stop his nefarious plans while hordes of demon assailants try to stop you.

You can play as any of the three characters, and some portions of the story arc require that you adopt one persona over another for a certain chapter, so you will get a good feel for how each character moves and battles as you work your way towards the Demon King and his evil scheming.

Special Powers

Each of the three characters has a number of unique skills and powers. Let us have a quick look at these.

  • Dante: the ‘primary’ protagonist, whose battle began after the forces of evil (demons) killed his mother and corrupted his brother. His father was Sparda, a powerful demon, which gives Dante a number of advantages when it comes to battling. Dante has a sword named for his father, and another called Rebellion. The latter is his signature blade


  • Dante (new): In this game, Dante has a new weapon, Devil Arms which combine into a lethal motorcycle called Cavaliere. Some of his weapons sound ridiculous, but they are effective: a pair of boots and gauntlets combo called Balrog that offer fiery death to demons, and a red hat called Dr Faustus the use of which can be high-risk for unwary players. The rewards, however, if the moves work, make it well worth mastering!


  • Nero: Nero carries two distinctive weapons from previous games: his Red Queen sword that aids him with lethal melee attacks, and his double-barrelled Blue Rose revolver for more distance fighting


  • Nero (new): In this game, Nero is deprived of his old demonic arm weaponry, but this is replaced with ‘devil breakers’ robotic prosthetics that give him a host of advantages and special moves, including grabbing enemies from a distance or stopping time for a while


  • V (all new): V is new to this game, so all his weapons and powers are likewise new. V carries a book and a cane, but battles using three demon spirits: a lightning eagle called Griffon, a panther named Shadow that can sprout blades, spikes and portals from its body, and golem called Nightmare. Nightmare uses laser beams during vicious melee attacks to win V’s battles – or to slow down the opposition enough that V can step in and finish them off with his cane

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Devil May Cry 5 Steam Key
Devil May Cry 5 Steam Key

Original price was: Us$ 29.00.Current price is: Us$ 7.49.