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Experience even more action-packed fun in Battlefield 3 as you crank up the intensity and unleash your combat skills with total freedom. Dive into nine expansive multiplayer maps where you’ll have access to a vast array of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets to amplify the excitement.

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Get ready to elevate the intensity in Battlefield 3 and embrace the freedom to engage in combat on your terms. With 29 expansive multiplayer maps at your disposal, along with an arsenal of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets, you’ll have everything you need to amp up the action. Every moment of battle brings you closer to unlocking a plethora of extras and climbing the ranks. So, dive into the fray and seize victory.
Key Features:
Play to Your Strengths — Choose from four distinct player classes — Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon — each with its specialities. Cooperation among teammates is essential for success.
Explore Limitless Possibilities — Seize control of any vehicle you encounter, whether it’s a tank, buggy, helicopter, or jet. You can even execute daring manoeuvres like crashing your F/A-18E Super Hornet into enemy forces!
Embrace Total Chaos — Immerse yourself in 29 multiplayer maps featuring massive, destructible environments and expansive spaces for exhilarating vehicular combat.
Unlock a Wealth of Rewards — Progress through battles to earn Ranks, Ribbons, Medals, and more, enhancing your combat prowess. Whether you prefer mastering helicopter piloting or increasing your stealth capabilities, there’s a wide array of unlockables to suit your playstyle.

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Battlefield 3 EA App Key

Original price was: Us$ 20.00.Current price is: Us$ 5.19.