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Unleash Your Power in a world abandoned by the gods, where a shadowy faction endangers humanity. You are the last line of defence against the Dominion and their quest for ancient power. Join forces as heroes in this cooperative action RPG developed by BioWare and EA.

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Anthem for PC is a popular online multiplayer action role-playing game set on a mysterious planet. In the game, players assume the roles of Freelancers, who don powerful exosuits to protect their city from external threats.

Centred around the enigmatic Anthem of Creation, the game revolves around the planet’s technology, phenomena, and dangers. This powerful force is coveted by many, particularly the antagonist known as the Monitor, who seeks to exploit its powers for nefarious purposes.

Key Features of the Game:

Players control Javelins, and advanced exosuits with unique abilities, including:

    • The Ranger: A versatile combat suit offering strength and protection.
    • The Colossus: The largest and most robust suit, perfect for challenging conditions.
    • The Interceptor: A lightweight, agile suit tailored for swift melee attacks.
    • The Storm: With elemental powers and aerial capabilities, this suit excels at long-range combat.

Embark on thrilling adventures, confront formidable foes, and defend against the forces that seek to harness the Anthem‘s incredible powers for their gain in Anthem for PC.

Old Tech Can Be Good or Bad

Fort Tarsis serves as the central focal point of the game, acting as the local meeting spot within the fortified city. The city requires fortification due to various threats beyond just enemies attempting to attack. In ancient times, the Anthem was utilized by advanced technology, some of which have since become unstable or malfunctioned.

These unstable devices occasionally trigger random events, leading to varying outcomes for the population. While some devices terraform, creating new lands for exploration and exploitation, others result in mutations or hybrid creatures that pose a danger to Freelancers.

Good to Know

Javelin Customization and Reputation Building in the Game:

    • Initially, the Javelin provided to you is old and dirty, without any option for customization or cleaning.
    • Upon reaching your first level, you gain the ability to clean your Javelin, a significant enhancement.
    • However, any existing marks or scuffs on the Javelin will persist even after cleaning, leaving it old but clean, though still far from new.

Improving Reputation and Gear:

    • Progress through levels to enhance your reputation and skills gradually.
    • Engagement in World Events, exploration of new map areas, discovery of hidden locations, and participation in battles and missions can boost your reputation.

Tomb of the Legionnaires Mission:

    • The Tomb of the Legionnaires mission is a challenging task involving fifteen trials.
    • Trials range from harvesting goods twenty-five times in a specific area to engaging in fifty melee attacks.
    • Use the Cortex, which serves as a repository of game data, to track your progress and motivate yourself to continue playing.

Scenic Enjoyment and Rewards:

    • Take a moment to appreciate the beautifully rendered unnamed planet, from the town to the jungles.
    • The landscape’s intricacy invites you to pause, admire, and enjoy the level of creativity invested in its creation.
    • Explore further to discover treasures that can elevate your reputation and expedite your access to the newest and most advanced Javelins.

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Anthem EA App Key

Original price was: Us$ 29.00.Current price is: Us$ 6.59.