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Unleash Your Power. In a world left unfinished by the gods, a shadowy faction threatens all humankind. Only you stand between the Dominion and the ancient power they covet. Team up as heroes in this cooperative action RPG from BioWare and EA.

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Anthem for PC is an online multiplayer action role-playing game that is set on an unknown, unnamed planet. Characters, called Freelancers, must wear full exosuits to guard their city against threats from the outside.

The Anthem of Creation, from which the game takes its name is the source of the planet’s technology and phenomena, and also its threats. It is a mysterious but powerful force, and as such is frequently the target of those who want to harness its awesome powers for their own – usually evil – purposes. The villain, the Monitor, is one who tries to seize the Anthem, and it is up to your character to stop him.

About the Game

The exosuits worn by the Freelancers are called Javelins and there are four of these altogether. Players start off with the same standard basic suit, and work their way up through all the suits available:

  • The Ranger: also known as the ‘all-round master of combat’ this is a good, strong suit that will keep its wearer safe and alive
  • The Colossus: the largest suit is, not surprisingly, also the slowest. But it is also the most resilient, so absolutely ideal if conditions are about to get particularly trying and speed will not be too much of an issue
  • The Interceptor: the lightest and fastest suit, this is ideal for Freelancers who specialise in lightning-fast melee attacks and guerrilla-style ambushes
  • The Storm: This Javelin has the lowest amount of armour, but can stay airborne for the longest amount of time and unleashes attacks using elemental energies to blast enemies from a (relatively) safe distance.

Old Tech Can Be Good or Bad

Fort Tarsis is the central focus of the game, being the local meeting place within the fortified city. The city needs to be fortified because there are more than just enemies trying to attack: the Anthem has been harnessed in ancient times by various pieces of advanced tech, some of which have become unstable or malfunctioned over time.

These unstable devices randomly spark, and the results can be iffy for the population: sometimes they terraform, which is great, providing new lands to explore and exploit, but at others, they cause mutations or hybrids of creatures who then attack Freelancers on sight.

Good to Know

When you are first given a Javelin, it is old and dirty and you have no way to customise it or clean it. Instead, you have to win your first level, and then you can at least clean your Javelin, which is a huge improvement. However, any marks or scuffs on the Javelin remain: you are now old and clean, instead of old and dirty, but that is still a long way from new!

Improve your ‘reputation’ by rising through more levels and gradually your kit will be improved along with your skills! Your reputation can be enhanced by playing in World Events, finding new areas on the maps, and discovering hidden places, as well as by taking part in some battles and missions.

Tomb of the Legionnaires. This is a Herculean mission in which you must complete a total of fifteen trials, ranging from harvesting goods twenty-five times in one particular area, to taking part in fifty melee attacks. Use the Cortex (basically a library with all the data about your game) to monitor how far you’ve come and to incentivise yourself to keep on playing!

Take a moment to enjoy the scenery. The unnamed planet is beautifully rendered, and everything from the town to the jungles positively invites you to take a moment to look around and just enjoy the level of talent that was deployed in creating this landscape. Go a bit further and keep your eyes open for treasures that can boost your reputation and get you into the shiniest of new Javelins in double-quick time!

Ways to Play

  • Single player: Slog about by yourself, teaming up with AI players to do your own thing, without worrying about human game-playing comrades
  • Multiplayer Co-Op Mode: You and a buddy or three team up and take care of business by yourselves. This is a great fun way to spend some quality gaming time with your bestie
  • Multiplayer: Team up with strangers from all over the world and see how quickly you all settle into a working partnership when your behinds are on the line!

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