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Dive into the unparalleled Battlefield V experience, thrusting yourself into humanity’s most significant conflict armed with an extensive array of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets. Featuring the pinnacle of customization content from both Years 1 and 2, you’ll possess all the tools necessary to assert dominance on the battlefield and etch your legacy into history.

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Buy Battlefield 5 EA App Key for PC captures the tumultuous essence of war, juxtaposing harrowing moments of death with absurd instances of lethal humour – ever been slain by a cricket bat? Set amidst WWII, albeit with notable historical liberties, including the presence of female soldiers, this first-person shooter offers a gripping experience.

About the Game:

The narrative unfolds through three distinct storylines, allowing players to immerse themselves in the war from varied perspectives. In-game currency facilitates the acquisition of cosmetic items and weapon enhancements, obtainable through mission completion or expedited via purchase.

Battle Royale:

Engage in a high-stakes battle royale within the Firestorm campaign, where a deadly ring of fire confines combatants to a shrinking play area. Despite the peril, the expansive map offers ample room for strategic manoeuvres, accommodating up to sixty-four players organized into cooperative battalions.

Creation and Destruction:

Amidst the chaos, players can fortify their positions with shelters and sandbags, enhancing defensive capabilities. Yet, vigilance is paramount, as construction efforts attract enemy attention, leaving players vulnerable to ambush.


Team up with fellow players to tackle dynamic missions, ensuring a fresh experience with each endeavour. Whether battling across the picturesque landscapes of France or navigating the war-ravaged streets, cooperation is key to success.

Ways to Play:

Single Player:

Embark on individualized journeys through wartime adversity, drawing inspiration from real WWII campaigns embellished for heightened drama and gameplay immersion. Traverse the war-torn landscapes of Rotterdam, encountering visually stunning vignettes amidst the chaos.


Engage in diverse multiplayer modes, each prefaced with thematic backstories, fostering intense skirmishes and cooperative endeavours. Progress through Grand Operations, mirroring the ebb and flow of genuine military campaigns, culminating in the adrenaline-fueled “Final Stand” where survival hinges on individual skill.

Regardless of the chosen path, Battlefield 5 epitomizes its core tenets of destruction, teamwork, and vehicular mayhem, offering an exhilarating portrayal of one of history’s most tumultuous conflicts.

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Battlefield 5 EA App Key

Original price was: Us$ 59.00.Current price is: Us$ 6.39.