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Immerse yourself in the ultimate Battlefield V experience, where you’ll step into mankind’s greatest conflict armed with the complete arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets. With the inclusion of the best customization content from Year 1 and 2, you’ll have everything you need to dominate the battlefield and make your mark on history.

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Battlefield 5 for PC offers an immersive experience that mirrors the chaos and unpredictability of real war. Set in the heart of WWII, albeit with some historical liberties, including the presence of female soldiers, this first-person shooter delivers a mix of soul-crushing moments and absurdly entertaining encounters, like facing death by a cricket bat.

About the Game:

Players follow three distinct storylines, choosing a character’s path through the war. In-game currency earned from missions can be used to purchase cosmetic items and weapon upgrades, allowing for personalization and progression.

Battle Royale:

Engage in Firestorm, a battle to the death within a confined area, amidst a storm of fire that forces intense combat encounters. With a map size unmatched in the series, up to sixty-four players compete in battalions, emphasizing cooperative team play.

Ways to Play:

Single Player:

Embark on dramatic campaigns based on real WWII events, navigating through bombed-out landscapes like Rotterdam, filled with visual spectacles and perilous challenges.

Creation and Destruction:

Beyond combat, players can build shelters and fortifications for defence, balancing construction with the risk of exposure to enemy attacks.


Experience various multiplayer modes, including Grand Operations, which simulates full-scale battle campaigns culminating in intense “Final Stand” scenarios where survival is paramount.


Join forces with three other players in dynamic missions, offering unique challenges and experiences with each playthrough.

Battlefield 5 captures the essence of war with its focus on destruction, team dynamics, and vehicular combat, delivering an exhilarating gaming experience amidst the backdrop of WWII’s harrowing conflict.

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Battlefield 5 EA App Key

Original price was: Us$ 59.00.Current price is: Us$ 7.39.