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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel key boasts many features and innovations that improve the overall gameplay. Let’s take a look at everything you should know about this title

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Launch into the Borderlands Universe and shoot and loot your way through a brand-new adventure in Borderlands: The Prequel that rockets you into Pandora’s moon. Find out how Handsome Jack, the villain from Borderlands 2, came to be. Between Borderlands: The Original and Borderlands: The Second, the Pre-Sequel offers a tonne of additional gameplay with the beloved genre-fusing combination of shooter and RPG systems.

Utilize new ice and laser weaponry to remove adversaries from above as you float through the air with each low-gravity jump. Using new vehicles that allow for higher levels of carnage, hitch a ride and explore the lunar surface.


The Pre- Sequels are comparable to that of Borderlands 2, but with new mechanics. Laser weapons and objects with a cryogenic elemental effect, which can be utilized to slow down and freeze foes, are two new types of equipment. Frozen enemies are killed by being shattered to bits and receive more damage from explosives, melee, and critical assaults. Low-gravity conditions are present in the Game, causing players to jump higher but slower and for objects like loot and dead bodies to float away. O2 kits are included to provide air while in orbit; oxygen supplies can be topped off via generators, vents, and enemy-dropped oxygen tank items. As with other equipment, different O2 kits can offer stat benefits and change how ground slams inflict damage. The kits can be utilized like a jetpack to accomplish double leaps, hovering, and ground-slamming assaults. Players can dump combinations of currently available weapons into a new “Grinder” machine to receive rarer ones. The “Stingray,” a kind of hoverbike, and a moon buggy were unveiled among the new vehicles.

Like Borderlands 2, beating the mode and achieving Level 50 unlocks the third playthrough, “Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode,” while finishing the primary campaign with a character unlocks “True Vault Hunter Mode,” a second playthrough with a higher degree of difficulty.


Burn the moon with Mayhem

Feel the low gravity of the moon with each jump and stomp.

Create havoc with new weapons that have laser and ice capabilities!

New enemies offer a space-based twist!

Jack Handsome’s Ascent

Witness Handsome Gaining power for Jack.

Explore the antecedents of well-known Borderlands villains.

Turn the tables to see Handsome in action Jack’s account of events.

An entirely new group of villains

Choose from four new character classes: Athena the Gladiator, Nisha the Lawbringer, and Wilhelm the Enforcer.

Play for the first time as a Claptrap prototype prepared for battle!

Learn about the moral ambiguity of working with Handsome Jack.

Are you new to this world? No problem; we have you covered. Visit the other Borderland versions and experience the excitement of the Borderland World TODAY!

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Borderlands The Pre Sequel Steam Key
Borderlands The Pre Sequel Steam Key

$ 2.22

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