A Blind Legend Steam Key

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Immerse in Binaural 3D Sound: A Blind Legend, the Revolutionary Video-Free Action-Adventure Game Discover a unique sensory journey as your ears guide you through this innovative experience in gaming.

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A Blind Legend – Experience the First Action-Adventure Game Without a Video

Key Features:

  • Immerse yourself in an innovative sensory experience with binaural 3D sound.
  • Headphones are essential for the full audio experience.
  • Designed for blind and visually impaired players, making it fully accessible.

Game Overview: In A Blind Legend, discover a unique blend of action-adventure gameplay where sound is your guide. Step into the shoes of Edward Blake, a blind knight, as you embark on a perilous journey through the High Castle Kingdom. Led by your daughter Louise, navigate treacherous traps and face formidable foes using only your heightened hearing and combat skills.

Accessibility and Impact:

  • This game is a groundbreaking experience for visually impaired individuals.
  • By immersing players in a heroic fantasy world, it raises awareness about disabilities.
  • Co-created with input from fans through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Technology and Experience:

  • Utilizes binaural sound technology for a realistic 3D soundscape.
  • Engage in hack-and-slash combat set in a captivating fantasy realm.
  • Experience characters and environments come to life around you through immersive audio.

Collaboration and Support:

  • Developed in collaboration with France Culture, a Radio France station.
  • Supported by a dedicated community of backers through crowdfunding initiatives.

Explore the world of A Blind Legend and embark on an unforgettable audio adventure where your senses guide you through a rich and immersive gaming experience.

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A Blind Legend Steam Key
A Blind Legend Steam Key

Original price was: Us$ 15.00.Current price is: Us$ 0.79.