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Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever in the next evolution of the iconic franchise.

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Are you ready for a return to a legendary fighting title? Mortal Kombat 11 key, developed by NetherRealm is knocking at your door!

Mortal Combat 11 for PC is a 2.5D fighting game that marks – as the name implies – an impressive twenty-seven years of Mortal Kombat. This not only gives players a lot of back story (especially new players) but it also means the developers have had plenty of practice at making compelling and immersive fighting games. This experience shows!

2D is, obviously, flat images having length and breadth. 3D offers depth alongside, whether actual depth, as in real-life scenarios, or simulated depth for games and movies. 2.5D is when the illusion of 3D is offered on a 2D platform, or when a game is sometimes 2D with some fully 3D features. This game is the former.

About the game

Players all start out with the same equipment and form, much of which can then be customised to suit their preferences. The appearance of the avatar has no bearing on the abilities of the character, so a player can bring all their aesthetic tastes to bear without making their avatar weaker or less capable, unlike in some other games.

There is a total of twenty-five playable characters, many with fascinating and compelling backstories, which gives every player plenty of choice when it comes to looks, aggression, defence and so on.

Time Travelling Fun

The main feature of this version of the Mortal Kombat timeline is the time travel element. This is ideal for older players who get a nostalgic glimpse into previous games, while newer players get to see old storylines rewind and work out differently. These fascinating features lead to some very different outcomes – and different outcomes than those desired by the players too!

In order to earn enough points for upgrades and access to locked areas, players might find that some grinding is necessary. Grinding is repeating tasks or going over old missions in order to gain experience points or other benefits. However, this can be enjoyable, especially repeating easier missions with new powers: old enemies are splattered with joyful ease!

Last Resort Death Knell

One new modification in this game is the introduction of Fatal Blows. These are not available all the time, only being usable once your health level has dropped to dangerous lows. They are a sort of last resort, a final flourish to attempt to get your opponent before he or she finishes you off.

The offence and defence metres are now separate, so you can boost your offence to make an attack particularly strong or you can boost defence for cunning roll-escapes or counterattacks without using up too much power. Tutorials will quickly and easily talk you through using these new features, and you’ll be fighting your way to success in no time.

Ways to play

  • Story Mode

As mentioned above, the back story for MK is now a long and complicated saga worthy of publication as a standalone book or movie. Play through the game, until you achieve one of the two official endings – or go off canon and make up your own ending!

  • Combat mode

Blood splashes everywhere as you just enjoy the sickening but inventive ways to paint the gore around, taking out everyone you see. Explore the open map to find targets or follow the on-screen instructions, just take your own blood-thirsty time about it!

  • Krypt mode

This is more of a sub-game than a mode and can save you some of the above-mentioned grinding. Plunder the island for treasure and other loot, smashing down walls and opening chests to retrieve gold and other valuables, which can then be used to buy customised skins, weapons and gears, secret entrances and even to modify AI behaviour in your own favour.

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  1. Lucas Marques (verified owner)

    Muito bom

    + PROS: Fuciona
    - CONS: E pesado
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  2. Alzheimer (verified owner)

    On next day i’ve been activated thank you

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    Mortal Kombat 11 Steam Key
    Mortal Kombat 11 Steam Key

    $ 2.29