Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key

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Join Skul as he boldly ventures forth to challenge the mighty Imperial Army and liberate his captured King in an action-packed adventure that defies the ages.

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Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key

Skul The Hero Slayer is a fun yet challenging roguelike game featuring classic side-scrolling platformer action with multiple rooms to conquer. The repetitive yet rewarding gameplay keeps you coming back for more.

About the Game

In Skul The Hero Slayer, you play as Skul, a demon possessing a skeleton, subverting the usual hero vs. demon trope. Your mission is to rescue the Demon King, who has been captured by the so-called heroes of the Carleon Kingdom. These heroes have thrown the demon world into chaos, and it’s up to you, the last remaining demon, to set things right.

Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key

Inverted Heroism The kingdom is in disarray after the Demon King’s capture. The Carleon heroes mistake noise and bullying for bravery and chivalry. Meanwhile, Skul, small and untrained, must learn the true meaning of heroism as he battles to save the Demon King, not for glory, but because he’s the only one left to attempt.

Tips to – ha! – Get Ahead!

The game is tough, especially at first. Pay attention to enemy behaviour to learn the best ways to defeat them or avoid their attacks. Skul’s unique abilities, such as throwing and teleporting to his head, are key to your success.

Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key

Skull Power-Ups

  • New skulls are found every few rooms, each offering unique combat abilities.
  • Skulls you don’t need can be broken into bone fragments to power up those you keep.
  • Collect and use up to 40 different skulls, swapping between two at a time for strategic advantage.Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key

Relics and Dark Quartz

  • Collect relics and matching companion pieces for enhanced power and attack capabilities.
  • Dark Quartz, though tainted, is the valuable currency you’ll need to gather.

Environmental Hazards

  • Watch out for sentient trees and underground roots releasing poison gas.


  • X to attack
  • C to jump
  • Special attacks: A, S, D
  • Seek guidance from the witch if needed

Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key

Brings a New Meaning to Using Your Head

Skul can use various skulls to boost his power and gain new combat abilities. Here’s a selective sampling of what you can look forward to:

  • Mummy: Grants a gun and makes you impervious to traps.
  • Wolf: Enhances speed and provides a brutal clawing attack.
  • Minotaur: Unleashes seismic attacks to deal with hordes of enemies.
  • Jester: Throws explosive knives.
  • Gargoyle: Allows you to fly, avoiding enemies or gaining tactical advantage.
  • Rock Star: Summons is a helpful band to assist you in battle.

Skul The Hero Slayer combines challenging gameplay with unique mechanics, offering a fresh take on the roguelike genre. Will you rise to the challenge and save the Demon King, proving that true heroism comes in many forms?

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Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key
Skul The Hero Slayer Steam Key

Original price was: Us$ 29.99.Current price is: Us$ 5.99.